Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Rich Faith

Many people asked me, hey Rob, what’s your secret of achieving your goals?
Why a person like you seems a happy go lucky? It’s like you don’t worry about
what you won’t have for tomorrow.
The way to lead you in a path of success is not merely of what you have.
But it’s giving things of what you have.
Let me share a story with you.

 I’ve had a friend, let’s call her Sofia.
She has everything she wants in life; luxurious car, big house, walkman (that was when ipod wasn’t invented yet) and she has a nanny who takes good care of her. She really lives like a princess.
She never forgets to share food to her neighbors.
Sofia even gave her used clothes and shoes to her casual acquaintances.

After high school, she went to university. She dreams to be a flight stewardess and she took up this course.
 On the first day of school, things drastically changed.
There’s no more nanny to call all the time, and no more luxurious car to drive in.
And worst of all, no more wealthy life. Wanna know why?

The company where her father has worked hit a big crisis that it caused them to live hand to mouth.
Since his father lost his job, they had a hard time making ends meet.
Sofia has to pinch pennies for her to survive.
That year seemed to be a nightmare for her. A big change, a new challenge, and a big burden for her, but she handled it as God’s training for her to breakthrough.

She sold out her jewelries and shared some money to her housemates.
Her money was just enough for the tuition fee. She’s not well off anymore.
But, there’s one rich that she had. It’s her faith to God.
She said, “Yeah, I’ve lost many things, but I won someone, that became my everything.
My faith has grown enough for me to fulfill my purpose in life.”

Sofia graduated in the university and tried to apply in an international airline but she was not shortlisted.
 But hey, there’s something big blessing after that.
She is now managing a travel agency; catering for overseas and local travel.
Yes, she’s the boss. Awesome right? She owns her time and she makes her workforce happy by giving enough wages.

My dear friends, what Sofia had was her faith to God. She gave her all.
She possessed things that God wanted her to be. She welcomed Jesus to lead her to success.
Her faith is richer than any things around.
Being less in materials doesn’t mean giving up nor failing from doing something.
Life is all about giving and receiving. If you give love, you’ll receive more love.

Try to inhale, and don't exhale. Do you think you can survive?
Have a few minutes doing it, and it may drag you to death.
How about closing your hands and making them fists; do you think you can hold something without opening your hands? Definitely we should open our hands first so we can catch or hold things.

Friends, freely we received, freely we give.
God gave all His love for us.

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.John 13:34

In Christ,
Robi Marapao 

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