Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Tribute to My Loving Father

Ten years ago, my dad and I often times argued with each other with a common reason: I usually came home beyond 6:00p.m. from school. 
My father got worried everytime his kids came home late. It happened again until I finished my studies and freed me of my edge.
He’s been there in my failures and successes. Who would have thought that a father like him is so emotional. (cause it’s not seen in his appearance though) 
When he saw the medals of his kids, whoa, I could see his smile glaring to his ears; a more funny thing there is his ears would really clap then. He’s a proud father to his five sons.
My father became my chatmate in boxing. But this is not a chit-chat that we use over the net. It’s a casual talk that shares the same interest. I remember my dad can easily memorize the record of most famous boxers in the world. (My dad was really a boxing enthusiast) 
When you guys talk about boxing? bring it on a table and see what you’ve got. Name the boxers and he can name more often. You would surely spend more hours talking about boxing (esp. talking about Pacman)
I felt homesick the first time we spent our own way because I volunteered to join in a missionary work and was assigned in Negros Occidental after graduation. At that time, I even reminisced how strict he’s to me. 
I could imagine how he cried when I leaved the house. He hugged me and said,” please take care of yourself and eat well.” He’s part everything of me.
My father is so skilled. He’s able to repair trucks and even operate heavy equipment without any formal training at school. Thinking about vulcanizing and going outside to help the firemen stop the fire? Yes, these are just few of my father’s skills.
He had a chance to work in abroad and signed a contract. But you know what? he revoked this agreement when he’s about to go other country because he suddenly missed us. He chose his family rather than earning dollars outside.
He’s a respected guy as a neighborhood in our province and a role model to his sons. I thanked him for everything. 
I know that there are a lot of things to say thank you for. But now I am thinking, should I say thank you papa for leaving us without saying goodbye? NO!
It’s my woebegone in my entire life that my best father has already left me. It totally broke my heart with a deepest damage in me. 
To describe, it’s like I am a candle slowly melting and devitalizing its light. I still wonder why too soon papa? When I looked at his recent pictures, I wept silently. Yes, I couldn’t shout. 
I thought there’s an end when I shed all my tears. But I was wrong. Tears are also refillable and bottomless. I can remember my one and only answer in an autograph in highschool, it’s about my greatest fear in life.
I don’t know if my father can read this note; but one thing that I surely know is that, God welcomes papa in His kingdom. 
When I made this note, tears dropped into my keyboard with blurry sight. If there is one thing that I would like to ask now, I will beg God that He should have given my papa to say goodbye to all of us.
But I understood and gave a nod to God that life isn’t like a fairytale. I know that papa is safe in the hands of God.
I know that God can’t take my first request. But maybe the Lord will say yes for my second request that, in my family’s second life in heaven, I hope that we can still be together again, Amen.We love you Papa! We will miss you. See you in God’s time.

In Christ,
Robi Marapao

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